Coton Colors Convention 2015

It's been a little bit since we've posted, hasn't it?  Sorry about that. Between buying and remodeling a house, getting engaged, getting married, moving in, the shop, custom orders, personalizing, traveling for work, and going to Market, it has been a really crazy busy time here at the shop!  For some reason, I didn't think keeping this little blog updated was important but....I just couldn't stay away any longer!  Want to know why?  Coton Colors Convention, of course!
our invitation to convention....how could we resist!?

Shelley and I just returned from Destin, Florida, where we attended the second annual Coton Colors Convention.  Out of all the retailers who carry Coton Colors, the top 39 were chosen to attend--not including of course, the Flagship Coton Colors stores.  You read that correctly---out of the whole entire United States, 39 retail stores were chosen to attend.  And we were one of them!  To break it down for you even more, we were one of FIVE stores in Texas.  TEXAS, y'all!  As in THE WHOLE ENTIRE STATE.  Wow, right?  We were pretty excited about it, too.  

ready to head off on another adventure!

Last year when we attended Convention, we were majorly delayed in Dallas, and had to make arrangements to fly into a different part of Florida and drive the rest of the way...missing our luggage on another flight.  We were obviously nervous that this might happen again this year, but thankfully, we made all of our flights with our luggage in tow!  We were delayed in Dallas again, but how could we complain about the rain?  

there's a joke somewhere in this about how many people it takes to refuel an airplane...
it was beautiful above the storms!

Once we landed in Florida, we were headed to the Convention center in San Destin!  Not ones to go for the boring, we opted to rent a vehicle to get us the rest of the way...so we of course rented a three-door car.  Confused about how that even happens?  We were, too.  Then we met the little guy, and isn't he cute?

where's the third door?  behind the passenger door.  weird, huh?

littlest trunk space EVER.  

Now for the exciting part......Convention check-in!  This year, check-in was earlier in the afternoon, and "official" Convention business didn't start until the following morning. Instead, Coton Colors kicked off this year in style, with a cocktail party!  We met with our fabulous reps, and mingled with friends we met at last year's convention.  It was so wonderful meeting and getting to know other store owners! 

loving the black and white canopy!

cocktail parties are fun!

After the cocktail party, Shelley and I opted to drive to Grayton Beach to one of our favorite restaurants in the whole world--The Red Bar.  Have you been?  I highly suggest it.  Not only is it super ecclectic, loud, fun, and delicious, but they have live bands playing almost all during dinner!  The atmosphere is so much fun!  (and did I mention how yummy it was??)


I mean....turtle brownie pie.  with ice cream.

 After a fun-filled evening, Shelley and I decided we probably needed our rest (we both had been awake since 4:00 that morning...eek.) so we headed back to the hotel to prep for the next morning's activities. 

how could we not be excited!?

 The next morning started with a 'bang!' and we were in full-force Convention mode.  We had an introduction by Laura Johnson herself, and were given the full itinerary for the next two days---they were going to be "jam packed!"  

Laura, telling us how excited she was for all of us to be joining them this year!

 The next two days were filled with informative sessions, lectures, one-on-ones with our reps, discussion sessions, learning sessions, and group discussions.  How thrilling it was to be a part of such a wonderful Convention!  Coton Colors promised to "educate. rejuvenate. celebrate." and they did just that!  I won't bore you with the details of our sessions, because I realize y'all are probably just reading at this point to see the pictures that you knew were coming......new product!!!  So for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy :)

is that....an egg crate!?  why yes, indeed it is! 

new measuring cup.....rolling pin...whisk....bowls....casseroles....eeeeeek!!

black and white.  black and white everything.  can you see the canister set!?

why the slits?  they're for your berries.  so you can wash them.  and put them in your fridge.  and serve.  in style.  *swoon*

more bowls!  and spoons!  (can you see the little birdie on the egg carton?)

why yes, those are new leopard print napkins.

y'all!!  can you think of all the uses for the long boat trays!?!?!?  we can!

Picture overload?  Maybe.  But that only scratches the surface of the new and exciting products that are coming your way.  We even brought back some goodies that are exclusive to the Convention, i.e. not available for purchase, that we just might be giving away soon.  So be sure to keep an eye out for those.  I promise, you won't want to miss out.  

After a few days of learning, Convention had to come to a close.  Not without though, another celebration.  Why?  Because Laura Johnson believes that you should "never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day."  And we definitely couldn't agree more.

cheers to making new friends!


Laura Johnson, founder and CEO of Coton Colors

it was a champagne celebration!

even the champagne flutes were adorable!

with Laura, after the closing celebration
 Even though the Convention was now over, we still had one more celebration to attend....dinner with Laura herself!  Coton Colors took over a local beach house, where the employees could stay and prep for Convention, and we were invited to come have dinner, made by Laura!  We were able to get to know more store owners, in a smaller setting, as well as talk with Laura and her family!
dinner made by Laura.  on serving pieces made my Laura.  how exciting!
 (can you see the boat trays in the center of the table?  they make great centerpieces!)
the Coton Colors team knows what true Southern hospitality is all about!

Laura, "in action", helping to prep our delicious meal

it takes a lot of group work to entertain this many people!

listening to Laura's dad give the most sincere speech, about how proud he is of his daughter, and her company! 

with Laura, before officially heading home!

 All in all, Shelley and I had such an amazing time at CotonCon 2015.  We made friends, learned SO much, and met great friends again.  We're already looking forward to 2016 Convention, and we're so excited to show you all the new product that's arriving.

see you soon,


decorator show house 2013

As you can see from my lack of posts lately, the shop has been super busy this year!!  From shooting new tv spots, participating in the Kemp Center for the Arts Home & Garden Show, to working on custom orders, we have literally been going non-stop since Christmas!  

In April, I participated in the Faith Refuge Decorator Show House-and what a wonderful experience it was!  I chose to do a sunroom and outdoor patio this year, instead of the expected bedroom.  

The Show House was located at 2024 Berkeley Drive, and was a truly wonderful house.

Before:the side patio
Check out the tile detailing-isn't it wonderful?!

Before: the side patio
The Sunroom was such a fabulous space--it had SO much potential!  The before pictures show the light gray painted brick walls, and the white wooden paneling.  The tile detail on the floor is really awesome-and in such great condition!

Before: looking into the Sunroom from the patio

Before: looking in from the formal living room

Before: the doorway from the formal living room looking in--love the natural light!

Before: looking towards the patio

Before: outdoor wall, looking out to patio

Before: love the built-in bookshelf

Before: looking towards the formal living room

Before: love the large windows!

Before: seriously LOVE the natural light!

I had so much fun transforming this space-I wanted to create a space that would be perfect for relaxing, reading, having your morning coffee or afternoon tea-all in all, a relaxing space that was comfortable, yet sophisticated.  To start, I just had to liven up those walls-sun rooms need color, not drab.  So, I painted the walls coral.


After: looking in from the formal living room

After: corner sitting area, perfect for brunch!

After: can't you just imagine curling up here with a great book?

After: looking towards the patio

After: the bookcase, transformed!

After: the bookcase.  so full of life!

After: looking in from the patio
I had so many people tell me how much they loved the new color!  It really brought so much life to the space.  And I do enjoy a good, painted brick wall.  

For the patio, I wanted to create an outdoor space that would be perfect for backyard parties, or just a small entertaining or relaxing space.  This patio was located next to the drive way, so it's location was a little awkward-but I think it would be so great for an outdoor cookout!

After:  it's amazing was some topiaries and a serving table can do!

After: Summer party?  Yes!

After:  so much color, so much fun!

After: looking towards the sun room
I was so excited with the way everything came together for this room!  It's always so fun to me, to see what I've imagined come to life.

Love this new line of dishes, Swap Tabletop!
I thought that this event would be the perfect time to release a new line of dinnerware I started carrying, called Swap Tabletop.  It's so wonderful, because all pieces are made to go together-so you can pick and choose your patterns and colors!  I seriously love it.  AND we can personalize it.  Who doesn't love a good monogram?

Swap Tabletop: perfect for any table

See that watermelon cookie jar?  It's part of the Happy Everything collection.  

M and J

With Happy Everything, once you choose your base (the cookie jar in this case) you can switch out your attachment, based on your mood or celebrations!

Another Happy Everything!  

do more of what makes you happy.  indeed!

anchors away!

perfect for margaritas!

I would love to have brunch here.  

Want to see more Swap Tabletop?  Come in for more styles and patterns!

Beautiful flowers, done by John Johnston, The Florist.  

Outdoor watermelon serving table
At the preview party

Thank you so much for everyone who came out not only to support me, but who came to support Faith Refuge as well!  Such a wonderful weekend, filled with so many kinds words from everyone.  I'm so blessed to have the greatest clients and customers!