take your pants off for the planet.

 I took my pants off.  now you can, too! you're probably wondering what in the world I'm talking about...and do you really have to take your pants off?  the answer is simple:

yes.  and no.

Here's the scoop:

There are lots of ways to help save the planet, but m. lynne designs has certainly come up with one of the most fun and creative ways to do this!  On May 2nd-May 5th, m. lynne designs will sponsor a denim drive that is sure to have people of all ages "taking their pants off for the planet."

Simply bring in a pair of jeans and you will receive 15% OFF your entire purchase (excluding furniture), plus a free "I took my pants off for the planet" button.  (and trust us, you'll want a button.  and 15% off, of course!)  The donated jeans will then be returned to one of our manufacturers that is not only committed to repurposing secondhand sundries into clever and functional products, but they are also devoted to keeping their wares manufactured here, in the U.S.  In addition, a percentage of sales from their repurposed gift line is donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Support a local business, American made products, and eco-conscious efforts all in one day by grabbing a pair of old blue jeans from your closet and stopping by m. lynne designs on May 2nd-May 5th.  You won't want to miss the festivities we have planned-we're also having a Spring Sidewalk Sale, with some items up to 75% off!!
Saving the planet has never been so easy.


heritage society fair

Last weekend, the Wichita County Heritage Society held their 12th Annual Provenance Historic Homes Tour--and we had a booth at their fair!  The tour highlighted four historic homes in the country club estates.  I never knew there was so much history in so many of the buildings here in town!

Many of the rooms in each house had original pieces and decor in them, which was really awesome to see.  Elaborate moldings, heirloom rugs, sawn oak floors, fabulous chandeliers....if you didn't get a chance to go this year, I highly recommend making it a priority next year!  

Here's a little peak at our booth:
we finally got the doors stable!

love the flower hangars.

obsessed with the coolers and casserole carriers!

we can paint your furniture, too!

holding on so i don't blow away

wonderful help :)

these cookbooks are FAB.  

everyone loves the feet!  

 We were absolutely thrilled with how everything turned out--especially considering that we were under a HUGE threat for storms (tornadoes, massive rain, lightening, etc...) and the wind was relentless!!  As we were setting up, our doors kept blowing over, and I seriously thought they were going to knock someone out.  Thankfully, everyone left unscathed.

I will mention though, the only downside to this day-I forgot to take my allergy medicine.  Now, for those of you who know me, you know that my allergies can be tamed, but they can also be rather fierce.  Especially without the assistance of AllegraD.  Our booth was located on the grass tennis court, right under a ginormous tree...whose leaves and pollen and who knows what else were blowing constantly in our direction.  My allergies decided to attack me, about two hours before the event was over-we're talking sneezing, major migraine, blurred vision, and nausea.  Just when I thought I couldn't go on, the nicest lady realized I was having an allergy attack, and gave me some Benedryl that she had in her purse.  Thank you ma'am, whoever you were.

After all was said and done, we had a super day, met the nicest people, saw some of our favorite faces, and got to glimpse a little bit of the past.